Thursday, September 30, 2010

October offerings


- Tea Party
- 'Tis the season
- Concrete trucks
- Three little pigs
- Mini Bs
- Scrappys

- Colour cards and loyalty club

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It's time for a Tea Party and you're invited.  With a pot of tea, two teacups, a cupcake and teddy for company this little set of buttons is perfect for a tea party outfit.


$8 (set of 5)  ~16mm

Tea party with Isabella


Tea Party with Lucy 

Tea Party with Elizabeth

'Tis (almost) the season, so time to add these festive buttons to your creations in colours of your choice.  

$8 (set of 5) ~16mm

'Tis the season - brights

'Tis the season - traditional

'Tis the season - plum pud' purple

Oink - No need for a big bad wolf around here, so here's three cute lil' pigs instead.  Don't be constrained by pink, there's a whole world of colourful pigs waiting to be created.

Three little pigs

 $4 (set of 3).  
~17 x 15mm
Candy floss (pearly)


Miss P Pink

Mini Bs

These limited designs are available while stock is showing.  At ~12mm they are perfect for lil' button holes and with only a few sets in each design you're unlikely to bump into another set at playgroup.  I will be loading new sets of these periodically, so check the Mini B section regularly if you're looking for dinky one-of-a-few lil' buttons.

All Mini Bs $ 4 (set of 3)
(handshaped, so slightly irregular sizes and shapes)

~12 - 13mm

Hanalei Bay - bouquet
~12 - 13mm

Hanalei Bay - flower

Moody blues

 Whakatipu daisy chain
~11 - 12mm
Good match with BWM 'Lake'


If you received my buttons in a recycled envelope you may realise I dislike wasting stuff.  So these Scrappy buttons use up my odds and ends.  Priced accordingly, they are also small buttons (12mm) which will not be repeated, so they are great for one of a kind garments.  Like Mini Bs these will be updated regularly.


$3 (6)

Colour Cards

Pink is pink is pink - right?  You yarn gurus know this simply isn't so.  Buttons by Benji colour cards will allow you to match your yarn as closely as possible to standard colour ranges that I am developing.  I plan to make a colour card for each of the main colour groups (pink, reds and oranges, yellows, blues, greens, neutrals etc.) and each card will have six different colour buttons on it.

Top to bottom: Miss P Pink, baby pink, candy floss (pearl); bubblegum; princess (pearl); fuchsia 

 Top to bottom: Olive, Luck of the Irish, Lime, Basil (pearl), Robin Hood (pearl), Sage

Of course you can use the buttons on your garments if you choose, as they are standard hand-shaped ~16mm buttons; or keep them for future reference.  This may save you custom colour charges as you can match the colour yourself and tell me what colour you need (either from a card, or from the photos on here).

How do you get colour cards*?  You can buy them for $4 each, or read on...

Loyal customers - thank you

It has been a real pleasure to have repeat business, and I get a wee thrill whenever I receive an email from someone who has ordered before.  From 1st October*, for each $30 you spend on Buttons by Benji, you can choose either a colour card in your colour choice (subject to availability) or two sets of Scrappys with your order (you choose from available sets). 

There is no need to spend $30 in one order, as I will keep a running total.  For example, if you spend $10 three times you will be eligible to chose your free Scrappy buttons, or colour card, when you place your third order. 

*Boring stuff:  I cannot promise this offer will run indefinitely, so I will put a finish date of end of June 2011, and will review it nearer the time and may extend it for longer.  Colours are mixed at my dining table with as much accuracy as my scales and skill allow, and they will be ideal for matching to yarn.  However I'm not running a CSI lab, so I cannot guarantee the colours will be exactly the same each time.  If you want to use a number of colour card buttons on the same garment I would recommend you ensure they are from the same batch (each batch available for limited time).

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