Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Aroha

This is Aroha.

I created Aroha with my lovely mother in my mind.  Aroha is a Māori term for 'love'.  There is more to Aroha than simple love though, as it encompasses tenderness, compassion and sustaining love as well.  These terms are perfect for Mum, thus Aroha was born.

 Why an elephant?  Mum has had a sustaining love of elephants for decades.  She effortlessly combines strength and toughness with love and tenderness.  Mum also has kidney cancer, and those attributes are standing her in good stead as she journeys with cancer, continuing to protect her young and enrich those around her with her love, quick wit and compassion.  

Kia Kaha Mum.

About Aroha buttons:  ~15 x 18mm; can be made in any colour* you choose; all money from the sale of Aroha buttons will be donated to support kidney cancer research and those affected.

$5 (set of 3), $6 (set of 4), $7 (set of 5)

* custom colours may incur small extra charge, contact me for details

Colour examples.

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