Monday, August 22, 2011


Balance... that elusive state that always seems to be just out of the grasp of the busy crafter...

 You have asked for customs, and I have listened.  I love making custom buttons because they expand my own creativity exponentially!  However, I am keen to avoid the situation where new orders are taking up to a month to complete - no-one should have to wait that long for crafty goodiness - it's not good for the soul!

 I have really enjoyed working on store stockings over the past month or so, and they also give me an opportunity to give my creativity free reign, and go a bit crazy.

So, in the interests of balance, and quick delivery times, I am going to continue with store stockings AND open up custom orders, in a limited capacity.  I welcome your feedback (and thank those who have already helped me with the decision making), so that we can make this work for everyone.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mid August Store Stocking

Chilly winter nights mean gardening is replaced by button making...

Head on over to the Ready Right Now section for pricing and ordering information.