Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Encraftment

It was wonderful to meet so many crafters and friendly folks at the Christmas Encraftment market today.  Thank you to everyone who came and chatted with me and made the day fly by.  

You can check out what buttons are currently available in the Ready Right Now section (link top right hand corner)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Spring!  Ahh, the scent of blossom on the air, the sound of worms turning the soil and a full egg box every day - what more could a girl want?  

Maybe some buttons to match a playful mood?


This month at Buttons by Benji:
- My biggest ever collection of Ready Right Now buttons.
- Showcase - Sheryl Greenfields 'Benji' hat and Benji Benanza packs. 
- Sorry Custom slots are now closed.
- Changes to Loyalty Rewards.

Click here for button collections.

Have you knitted yourself a Benji yet?

 We are very fortunate in New Zealand and Australia to have an incredible number of very talented knitting designers.  Maybe its the pioneering and creative spirit distilled in our genes?  Who knows, but I love it.  This month I am showcasing Sheryl Greenfield's Benji hat, which is a fun, fabulous knit.  

Newborn to XXL adult means you can create a hat for anyone!  Use that special lone button you've been holding onto.  Or, use up scraps of yarn, especially your favourite itty bitty bit of variegated yarn.  With very simple colourwork it is ideal for the colourwork beginner to dip their toes into an exciting new world.  Winter might be behind us, but with a Benji Benanza pack and the Benji hat pattern you can start thinking about pressies for the months ahead and stashing those spare buttons and scraps of yarn.

The Benji Benanza packs contain single buttons - perfect for Benji beanies - and are all listed on the Ready Right Now page.  You can purchase with or without the Benji hat pattern.

Sorry custom slots are now closed.  I will update when they open again.

Information on changes to the Loyalty Scheme can be found in the Loyal Customer section.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Balance... that elusive state that always seems to be just out of the grasp of the busy crafter...

 You have asked for customs, and I have listened.  I love making custom buttons because they expand my own creativity exponentially!  However, I am keen to avoid the situation where new orders are taking up to a month to complete - no-one should have to wait that long for crafty goodiness - it's not good for the soul!

 I have really enjoyed working on store stockings over the past month or so, and they also give me an opportunity to give my creativity free reign, and go a bit crazy.

So, in the interests of balance, and quick delivery times, I am going to continue with store stockings AND open up custom orders, in a limited capacity.  I welcome your feedback (and thank those who have already helped me with the decision making), so that we can make this work for everyone.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mid August Store Stocking

Chilly winter nights mean gardening is replaced by button making...

Head on over to the Ready Right Now section for pricing and ordering information.



Monday, July 18, 2011

A blast from the past...

Time for a little blast from the past...

A little teaser to whet your button appetite...

I can hardly believe it is a year since Buttons by Benji had a new collection on the 1st of each month.

Just for fun, I've picked the 1st August for a 'store stocking' of a selection of buttons.  At this stage I am not opening up for custom orders (as I am still super busy with my fingers firmly in a lot of pies), but I am working on a wee stocking of some of your favourites, as well as some new designs.

So watch this space on the evening of Monday, 1st August 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My charity auction is running!

Charity Auction for North Shore Hospice for Mum.

Over the past year I have experienced the amazing care and support provided by the North Shore Hospice for terminally ill patients and their families.  As Mum takes this hard journey with kidney cancer we have been so thankful many times for the support, knowledge, respect and dignity hospice staff afford patients in their care.

Before this experience I thought hospice aided in the final days or perhaps weeks, of patients with terminal illness.  I had no idea that their services were far more extensive, and could cover months to years for some patients, both in hospice and in patients’ homes.  They have provided care and equipment for use at home which greatly improves quality of life as well as much needed hospice respite breaks.  Hospice needs donations to continue to provide this amazing service, and thus this auction was born.

Update September 2011 - I am very excited to advise that my charity auction raised $1500 for the North Shore Hospice.  Thank you so much to all those who donated so cheerfully their time and materials and to all those who supported the online auction.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Buttons by Benji is back

Button collections (click name to view collection):



Colour cards - buttons


Coloured card sets with templates

About Benji's buttons

  • 16-18mm with two holes (unless otherwise stated)
  • Handwash or machine wash (but don't dryclean).
  • Normally sold in a set of 5 (unless stated otherwise)

As with all buttons, regularly check that they are securely fastened to the garment, particularly if worn by small children. Although the buttons are non-toxic, do not allow children or babies to suck or chew on any buttons as they represent a choking hazard.

Colours and patterns may vary slightly from those shown.  Some buttons are handcut, and thus are a bit variable, which adds to their charm. Because I'm a person, not a machine, each button will be unique!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A slight diversion...

Coloured card packs  (NZ residents only)

If you have tried to find mixed coloured card in the shops you will know that it is very pricey!  Frustrated at the lack, I've been mixing up some lovely packs for a much better price and I am delighted to offer the following packs to NZ residents*. 

Each package contains mixed coloured top quality A4 210gsm card plus two templates (two of either the 'Bus Box', small gift box,  basket or hexagonal box with lid).  These are great fun to make with or for kiddies, and with a stash of lovely coloured card at your fingertips you can unleash your creativity in a multitude of ways.  The only other tools you will need are double-sided tape, scissors and pencils etc.  Other goodies like stickers, sequins and other craft supplies can also be used to good effect.

*Card is available to NZ residents only (sorry overseas folks, but postage of such a heavy package makes the price uneconomical for you).

The card is rated as suitable for copy/laser/inkjet.

This is a big stack of the kinds of colours you can expect.

Prices for card plus templates (excluding post):

50 sheets (5 sheets each of 10 colours) $8.50
100 sheets (10 sheets each of 10 colours) $16.50
200 sheets (15 colours in total) $31.50

Postage costs:
50 sheets $3.50 untracked
50, 100 or 200 sheets $6.00 tracked

Clear, easy-to-use templates (2 per pack).

Bus box ready to ride...  ...on a journey of creativity.


 Hexagonal boxes made from template and card.

Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats

Choc Pink Cupcakes $7

Licorice Allsorts - Pic'n'mix (you pick, I mix)
$7 (set of 5), $8 (set of 6), $10 (set of 8)

Icecreams anyone? 

Neopolitan, boysenberry or something else?  Name your flavour.

$7 (set of 5) ~16-17mm

Apple of your eye 

Also available in blue, green, red, yellow... ... any colour you like really.  $7 (set of 5).


Candy Swirls - Chocberry $7

Candy Swirls
Huckleberry - Coconut Ice - Bubba

Blues and browns

Cherry on the top cupcakes

 Cherry on the top 
$6 (4), $7 (5) in Raspberry, Choc-berry and Grape or flavours of your choice

Tea Party

$8 (set of 5)  ~16mm

Tea party with Isabella


Tea Party with Lucy 

Tea Party with Elizabeth

Other buttons