Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to Christchurch

It's competition time.  Once again I was inspired by the view outside my window... and on my walks... and whenever I drive anywhere...  It's pretty hard not to see a road cone in Christchurch at the moment, unless you have your eyes closed!

So, for all the road cone lovers out there, you can win a set of eight road cone buttons.  Details below.

If you're not a winner, you can still buy these buttons or any of my dozens of other designs.  Check out all current designs on the Ready Right Now page.

How to enter.

Entries close on the 30th April at 8pm (New Zealand time).  I will notify winners shortly after that.
Simply email me on with the first name of the entrant and the city or town that they live in.  If you would like to enter for more than one person (for example for two children or several grandchildren), please email me individually with each name, and then it's easier for me to use random number generator to draw the winners.

There will two sets of 8 road cone buttons to be won.  The first will be especially for entrants living in Christchurch - because they have to deal with more road cones than you can possibly imagine if you don't live here!  The second is for everyone else.

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