Monday, October 14, 2013

Pōhutukawa blooms

Time out!  Blast from the Past screeches to a halt to allow me to introduce this special project.  

Pōhutukawa blooms have been designed for the Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit's knitting drive for Christmas.  Every Christmas there are dozens of families with wee babies in NICU and volunteers knit piles of tiny Christmas themed garments to add a little brightness at an extremely challenging time. 

Each set of Pōhutukawa buttons sold will sponsor buttons for Wellington NICU to add a special New Zealand touch.  New Zealand's iconic native Christmas tree will brighten up your knitting, either for Christmas or all year round.

This little cardigan took less than 50g of pure wool 4 ply yarn, and very little time to knit.  If you would like to knit a garment for Wellington NICU please email me for details. 

 And in the meantime, Blast from the Past continues in the Ready Right Now section where you can check out all the current button offerings.

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