Sunday, September 2, 2012

What fun!

What fun!

We have some incredibly talented yarn dyers tucked downunder in New Zealand and Australia.  One in particular, who injects fabulous fun into her creations, is Hannah from Red Riding Hood Yarns.

To celebrate Red Riding Hood Yarns turning two, Hannah has invited crafters and artists from around New Zealand and the world to take part in a showcase, previewing now, which officially opens on 6th September at 8.30pm (New Zealand time.)

I was thrilled to be invited, and whipped up these cute as a button Lil' Reds to join in the fun.

Find Lil' Red and other buttons for sale in the Ready Right Now section.

Check out Hannah's showcase here.


  1. Hi :) Have just discovered your gorgeous buttons! Are these only available via the showcase or can they be ordered? Thanks :)