Thursday, March 17, 2011

A slight diversion...

Coloured card packs  (NZ residents only)

If you have tried to find mixed coloured card in the shops you will know that it is very pricey!  Frustrated at the lack, I've been mixing up some lovely packs for a much better price and I am delighted to offer the following packs to NZ residents*. 

Each package contains mixed coloured top quality A4 210gsm card plus two templates (two of either the 'Bus Box', small gift box,  basket or hexagonal box with lid).  These are great fun to make with or for kiddies, and with a stash of lovely coloured card at your fingertips you can unleash your creativity in a multitude of ways.  The only other tools you will need are double-sided tape, scissors and pencils etc.  Other goodies like stickers, sequins and other craft supplies can also be used to good effect.

*Card is available to NZ residents only (sorry overseas folks, but postage of such a heavy package makes the price uneconomical for you).

The card is rated as suitable for copy/laser/inkjet.

This is a big stack of the kinds of colours you can expect.

Prices for card plus templates (excluding post):

50 sheets (5 sheets each of 10 colours) $8.50
100 sheets (10 sheets each of 10 colours) $16.50
200 sheets (15 colours in total) $31.50

Postage costs:
50 sheets $3.50 untracked
50, 100 or 200 sheets $6.00 tracked

Clear, easy-to-use templates (2 per pack).

Bus box ready to ride...  ...on a journey of creativity.


 Hexagonal boxes made from template and card.

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