Sunday, August 1, 2010

An august collection

Fancy an outing?  Whether you prefer the theatre, desert or jungle, or perhaps a wee relax by a quiet pond on a summer's day, these may inspire you.

Down at the pond
$8 (set of 5)


In the dressing room   $11 (9), $8 (6)
In Mary Q colourway

Jacqui K   or colours of your choice

Want to keep it simple?




$5 (4), $6 (5), $7 (6) of same design.

Need some camouflage?

Cam it up.  $6 (4), $7 (5), $8 (6)
L-R Delta; Sierra; Zulu; Bravo; Foxtrot 

What?  More cupcakes?  I hear you ask.  The lil' cupcakes launched in June have been very popular, but a request for a custom order made me realise 'I'm more of an icing girl myself'.  So, for all you other icing fans out there, we now have 'Cherry on the top' cupcakes and they can be made in whatever flavour you fancy.

 Cherry on the top 
$6 (4), $7 (5) in Raspberry, Choc-berry and Grape or flavours of your choice

Limited Editions - while stocks last

Tartan $5 (4)

SOLD :)  Finally, I am delighted to list this limited edition set of buttons on behalf of a fledgling artist I'm lucky enough to know.  Actually I'm super lucky as she calls me "Mummy".  With no input from me (other than slicing off clay in the colours she requested) my five year old daughter created this set of pizza buttons. 

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